Veľký Meder is located in the south-western Slovakia, only 10 km from the Danube river and thus also to the border to Hungary. Historically Veľký Meder belonged to the area the Austrian Hungarian Empire and therefore houses part of the Hungarian minority in Slovakia. That is the reason why the most spoken language in the town is Hungarian even though everyone also speaks Slovak.

Veľký Meder is a spa town where the town’s thermal baths, Termal Corvinius, provides the setting for a multitude of family activities each year. With an annual attendance of more than 600,000 people it is today one of the most popular tourist attractions in Slovakia.

The water in the thermal bath is thermal water, which in addition of being 70 degrees when it comes up from the ground is very mineral, and therefore by many considered as particularly healthy for the body. In Thermal Corvinus is situated 9 pools with different temperatures varying from 24 to 38 degrees. Furthermore, there is a wide range of play activities for both children and adults. The thermal bath is open all year round.

Nearest city is Győr in Hungary only 20 km away. Győr has 130 000 inhabitants and contains all the elements of culture and shopping opportunities that are expected of a city of this size. In addition, it has a historic and romantic old town which should be visited. There are daily bus connection operating from Velky Meder to Győr.

The capital of Slovakia Bratislava is only 60 km away and also offers many cultural and shopping opportunities to you. Bratislava is also called the largest village in Europe due to It´s small size of only 500 000 inhabitants.
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